Synthetic Night aka Flash in the Night

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MagoMao ha detto...

1.Toccata e Fuga by Johann Sebastian Bach
2.S.O.S. Spazio 1999 by Oliver Onions
3.Touched by the hand of god by New Order
4.Wishing by A Flock of Seagulls
5.Miss You by Mirwais
6.Two by Motel Connection
7.Flash in the night (long version) by Secret Service
8.Living on Video by TransX
9.Nodisco by Depeche Mode
10.Pump Up The Volume by Marss
11.Blue Monday by New Order
12.Fade to Grey ?[?Dance Mix?]?? by Visage
13.Love Kills by Freddie Mercury
14.Love To Hate You by Erasure
15.Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye by Eu4ya
16.Theme Of S-Express by S-Express
17.Oh Susie by Secret Service
18.Shut Up by Sin With Sebastian
19.Bostich by Yello
20.Words by 89ers