Exploding In Your Mind

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Streaming: Exploding In Your Mind Vol.2
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MagoMao ha detto...

1 Paralysed by Ride
2 Astronomy Domine by Pink Floyd
3 Plains Of Nazca by Sun Dial
4 Sploosh! by Ozric Tentacles
5 Losing Touch With My Mind by Spacemen 3
6 Psychedelic Warlords by Hawkwind
7 Forever in Space (Enlightened) by White Hills
8 Rollercoaster by Spacemen 3
9 Let It Fly by Magic Mushroom Band
10 Exploding In Your Mind by Sun Dial
11 Little Tornadoes by Amon Düül
12 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly

MagoMao ha detto...

1 Revolution by Spacemen 3
2 Fantasize (Space Between) by Astralasia
3 Master Of The Universe by Hawkwind
4 Space Bastard by Omnia Opera
5 Reflecter by Sun Dial
6 Bizarre Bazaar by Ozric Tentacles
7 Decay by Ride
8 Silver Machine by Hawkwind
9 You're Gonna Miss Me by The 13th Floor Elevators
10 One of These Days by Pink Floyd
11 Depot by Psychic Ills
12 Astro Cortex by Ozric Tentacles
13 Revolution by Spacemen 3
14 Silent Hill (reverse) by Audio Trailer